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You can do everything under the sun for someone and they will talk to and treat you like you ain’t shit. Only nice when they need something.

It’s the little things.

The only threats to a relationship are the people involved. It’s all about who or what you allow in.

Talking to my classmate, a young Asian woman, who mentions her boss made everyone go home early due to Occupy Oakland. Long story short, she mentions the last time this went on was during the Trayvon Martin case and how big of an impact it had on the BART railway system.

First, she couldn’t remember Trayvon’s name…referred to him as Trevor, Tyrone, that kid. Then talked about how scary things are for her.

Le sigh. 

Faith renewed. I’m just working on being the best me. All the other pieces will align themselves.

If an ex/ former tells you that your current is cute/nice etc, they are usually throwing lowkey shade lmao

There’s no such thing as too dressy but there is such a thing as too casual.