Rinnie's World

I get on social media and see what I think I want, often forgetting what I already have.

This shit only tells one side of the story. Remember that.

That awkward moment when the homie tells you you’re his #wcw

How rude to your girl lmao.

There’s a commercial by Dove I think about how women, in general, apologize unnecessarily. It made me reflect on myself and realize I am so guilty of that. Gotta stop that ish asap.

There are some terrible people out there. Every once in a while we unfortunately call them friends.

I can’t stand a tit for tat ass person. I constructively bring up an issue with you and, in response, you suddenly have an issue with me? Naw.

3 more engagements on my timeline today, lmao. I just need Marvel’s AA PVP to end to so I can deactivate my Facebook lol.